Free dynamic screen capture drawing tool under MAC: KAP

If you want to take live screenshots on your MAC, here’s a free tool: KAP.
The address of the project:
1) homebrewCask installation (not recommended)
brew cask install kap
2) official website release
3) My network disk sharing (fast and permanent)
Link: password: ficg
The installation
Double-click DMG to install directly
1. Click Kap in the docking station

2. Click the KAP icon in the top taskbar

3. After the mouse becomes a cross, hold down and drag to select the range

5. After selecting the range, click the red circle button above to start recording the screen.
6. After recording, click the KAP icon (circle) in the top menu bar.
7. As shown in the figure below, you can choose to Export to GIF format. Click Export and select save path


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