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Screen overlay detected – How do I fix this on an Android phone

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April 12, 2017 | attention
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Are you insane/crazy/out of use
Small C detects glume coverage
On Android phones?

It looks something like this.


To change this permission setting, you must first change the permissions in “Settings” > In the application
Close the screen overlay

In general,
Android screen coverage detection
Appear on many Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, Note 5, LG V10, OnePlus 3, LG G Stylo, LG Stylo, etc.

Let’s look at how to fix the screen overlay detection step by step.  

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Why screen overlay detection appears:

Different applications already installed on your Android device may cause this error, but we will apply the final solution to resolve this error.  

Detected screen install any new application on Android, your Android phones in а р р е а r.. Once the following error occurs, you will not be able to continue and open any applications.  

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Detected how to fix screen overlay solution

The most important thing to do first to avoid this screen overlay detection error is to exit an application that has a screen overlay or a floating window.  

Second, major applications will always cause screen coverage detection in such cases, such as Facebook messages, Lux, Cleaning master, etc.  

Third, when you run the floating application, the screen overrides are displayed, and now you need to install a new one, at this point, request access rights. And it appears at the top of other apps, like Facebook Messenger’s chat header.

How to solve screen coverage detection for all Android phones

How to solve screen coverage detection for Samsung Galaxy (S7, S6, Note 5, note 4, etc.)?

How to fix screen coverage detection for all Android phones

Here are 2 solutions for all Android screen coverage detection:

Solution 1:

Open Settings, and then click Application.

2. Click in the top right corner of the three, and then click configure а р р ѕ.

3. In this screen, you will find”
Draw the Oth

The application
, click on it.  

4. Now, on the “Draw Oth” application page, you can see that the screen overwrites/removes additional permissions for the application.

5. On this page, you need to close”
Allows you to draw other applications
Button, as shown below: The above solution can resolve any screen coverage error detected on any Android device. Still can’t solve your problem?Moving on, let’s show you the solution 2. Don’t miss it. Follow us.

Solution 2: How do I turn off screen coverage

1. Turn on Settings

2. Click on the app or app

3. Triple button to the right of t, and then click Reset Application Preferences.

4.Finish this solution will be final and the notice of the detected Screen Overlay will no longer appear. So, what’s Samsung’s solution for screen coverage detection?Read on
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