Error when creating partitions in Linux: no free sectors available solution

When creating a partition with Linux, an error is reported:

no free sectors available

Chinese translation

No free partitions available


No free sectors available: your disk space is insufficient and there is no extra space for you to allocate; Sometimes, using various translation tools is not necessarily accurate; Everyone can understand vernacular;

The Linux partition also needs space. If you don’t even have excess disk space, of course, you can’t divide the partition;

Combined with the above figure:

Let’s take a look at all the information on the disk; With command:

fdisk -l

As a result, it is found that VDB already has a partition, which is/dev/vdb1; It happens to be the size of the whole disk, because we can’t partition again; As shown below:

  Therefore, we need to delete the partition first and then re partition it! The entire command is as follows:

fdisk /dev/vdb


(select the partition number. Bloggers only have one partition on this disk, and do not need to select. For multiple partitions, you need to select the partition number; if you do not understand the partition number of the disk)

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