[turn] right click to open the prompt [shellexecute failed (2): is this command correct? (fix)] with Notepad + +


error: right click on notepad++ to open file

ShellExecute failed (2): Is this command Correct?.

is caused by having notepad++ ‘run as administrator’ option turned on, according to a search engine.

solution :

Find notepad++. Exe, right-click on it, go to the compatibility TAB, uncheck “run this program as administrator”, and finally “apply” and “ok”.

my environment: Windows10, Windows 7 estimation is the same method.

Notepad++ is the default software installation directory for disk C.

solution from: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/community/topic/10945/shellexecute-failed-2-is-this-command-correct-fix

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