Win10 desktop right click display settings MS- settings:display Or Ms- settings:personalization-background resolvent

The Win10 desktop right-click displays the Settings MS-Settings: Display or MS-Settings: Personalization – Background solution
Description: New solution

There are a lot of methods on the Internet, pro test some can not be repaired, you can try it first.
solution 1:
1, press WIN+R to call up the run dialog box, and then enter gpedit.msc enter.
2, expand: [computer configuration] – [Windows Settings] – [security Settings] – [local policy] – [security options]. 3. Find “user account control: administrator approval mode for built-in administrator account” on the right and double-click to open it.
4, set to “enabled”, then apply save, finally restart Win10 system.
solution 2:
1. Open task manager (or click CTRL+Shift+ESC)
2. Click “file” – “run new task”
3. Please make sure to check “create this task with administrator”
4. Enter “Powershell” (ignore”)
.In Powershell, enter the following two commands :(second command needs to hit enter)
$manifest = (get-appxpackage microsoft-windows store).installlocation + ‘appxmanifest.xml’ Add-appxpackage-disabledevelopmentmode -Register KaTeX parse Error: Expected ‘ ‘, got ‘EOF’ at end of Input:… |Where-Object {_.installlocation-like “SystemApps”}
6. When finished, close Powershell
7. Restart your computer. 1. Press the win+r key on the keyboard, then type services. MSC
2, the list of services appears.
if the above method cannot be fixed, please use the method, pro test practical.
New solution
1. First download the tinder safety software and install it. Find the Tinder sword in the advanced tool and install it.
2. Open the tinder sword and click the registry
3. Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\ms-settings
4. Right-click to delete the ms-settings folder
. Just restart your computer!

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