Oracle12c client32 bit installation error: [ins-20802] Oracle net configuration assistant failed

Oracle12c Client32 [INS-20802] Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed

Installation Of Oracle Client (32-bit) Fails With An Error Message “[ins-20802] Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed
installing Oracle Client12c client32 bit operating system in window 2008R2 has encountered an ins-20802 Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failure due to the failure of the execution method of the plug-in
problem because Installer found the wrong value, we open install/oraparam.ini file can see MSVCREDIST_LOC=vcredist_x64.exe, actually our file is vcredist_x86.exe, so this caused the problem.

we just go to the software directory :\client32\stage\ext\bin and install vcredist_x86.exe, the installation is complete, then go back to the oracle client where the error occurred, click retry, ok, perfectly solve the problem .

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