The software of Final Cut Pro x 10.5 failed to open, and it flashed back directly.

Final Cut Pro X 10.5 software failed to open, and the problem of flash back was directly caused.

if the Final Cut Pro exits unexpectedly when using ‘****’ plug-in, please go to ‘/Library/ plug-ins /FxPlug’ folder and delete the corresponding ‘****. FxPlug’ folder.
This easily solves the problem of still not opening the software after installing FCPX

**** refers to the source of the application for your plug-in. For example, Lock is the name of the application for Lock & Load FCP X.fxplug

Solution: open the terminal; Enter the above command, ‘sudo xattr-d email /Applications/ XXXX. App’, note that ‘/Applications/ XXXX. App’ can be replaced with your corresponding APP address

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