Several ways for Ubuntu to open command line terminal window

1. Shortcut key
CTRL + Alt + T the current directory is /home/< The user name & gt;
2. Right mouse button
In the terminal window, execute the following command:
sudo apt-get install local-open-terminal
sudo reboot
after restarting, right-click in the directory where you want to open terminal and select open in Termainal
3. Open multiple terminals in the same window
When you have opened a terminal window, you want to open another terminal in the current window, so that it is easier to switch back and forth. Use the shortcut Key CTRL + Shift + T, the current directory of the new window opened is the current directory of the previous port, Alt+ 123 can open the corresponding first, second, and third Windows
4. Search for Terminal application
Click the search icon in the upper left corner or press the WIN key on the keyboard to display the search application window and type Terminal
5. After launching Terminal by other means, right click Terminal in the task bar
Select New Termial to open a New Terminal window, Lock to Launcher to Lock Terminal to the task bar, and then you can directly open the Terminal window in the task bar.

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