BO error Error: RWI 00200 FWM 01014

I recently encountered (Error: RWI 00200) and (FWM 01014) when Working with BO reports using Java

The server cannot be found in {0} and cluster {1} with type NULL for the Webiserver service. All such servers may be shut down or disabled by an administrator. (FWM 01014)
Unable to find servers in CMS {0} and cluster {1} with kind {2} and service {3}. All such servers could be down or disabled by the administrator. (FWM 01014)
The error.
It was found that the reason for this error is that the service address is configured as the system IP, and there is no configuration mapping in the hosts file
The service address is:
The system address is: ABC01:2898
Hosts file abc01
The system address originally matched with the server address caused the problem
The above BO server is a cluster environment, the above problem must find the system administrator to clarify the service address and system address.

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