SQL Server 2005, unable to log in, forget sa password, 15405 error!

can not be connected to./SQLEXPRESS.
Additional information:
user ‘sa’ login failed. This user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. (18452), Microsoft SQL Server Error:)
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
it’s mapping times wrong:
failed to create for user “sa”. (Microsoft) is essentially) express. The smo)
Additional information:
perform Transact_SQL statements or abnormal happened when the batch. (Microsoft) is essentially) express. ConnectionInfo)
unable to use special groups’ sa ‘. The (15405), Microsoft SQL Server Error:

2, the concrete solving steps:

the first step: open the SQL2005 with administrator login first, then right-click the selected attributes in the service name & gt; Security & gt; The login mode option on the right has been changed to authentication OK!

step 2: select safety (expand)> Login name & gt; Double-click the sa> Password change the password you need to confirm! Then turn off SQL2005 or disconnect.

. Step 3: start > Application & gt; Choose SQL2005 & gt; Configuration tool & GT; Open the configuration manager> Expand SQL Server2005 network configuration
> TCP/IP options & gt; Enable and right click > Property & gt; Ip address TAB & GT; Change all disabled options to enabled & GT; Then restart the SQL2005 service!

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