Net start command system error 5 and error 1058 solution


1. Net start command

The net start command is used to start the service in the form of net start [service name] (the corresponding “net stop [service name]” is the command to close the service)

2. Open the default instance service of sqlserver

[win + R] shortcut – & gt; CMD – & gt; net start MSSqlServer

Prompt error “system error 5 occurred”, the screenshot is as follows:

3. Error analysis

The reason for this error is that there is a difference between the administrator and non administrator permissions in win7/win8 command prompt, and the net stat command can only be run under the administrator permission.

4. Solutions

1) Open the command prompt with administrator’s permission: [start] — & gt; search for “CMD” — & gt; right click “run as administrator”, or use the shortcut key [win + X + a]

2) Enter “net start MSSqlServer” successfully. The screenshot is as follows:

note appended:

The above method can solve the “system error 5 access denied” error of the “net start” command, but it may still not be able to open the corresponding service, prompting “error 1058”, as shown in the figure below:

As shown in the error prompt in the figure, the reason may be that MS SQL server has been disabled or its associated device has not been started. For MSSqlServer service, find the “MSSqlServer” service in control panel — & gt; management tools — & gt; services, double-click to open properties, and select the dependency tab to see that the service has “no dependency”. Therefore, the reason of “other associated devices are not started” is excluded, as shown in the following figure

Switch the properties window to the General tab, and you can see that the service status is “stopped” and the start type is “disabled”. Change the start type to one of the other three items besides “disabled” – & gt; [OK].

Reference source:

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