Sudo: unable to resolve host solution

When using the sudo command of Linux, some people may encounter such a problem: “sudo: can’t parse the host: xxxxx (your host name). I also encounter this problem. I have found a solution on the Internet and share it with you here.

This problem is caused by the hosts file is not well configured, Linux can not resolve to your host address, the solution is as follows:

sudo vim /etc/hosts

VIM is the command of your text editor. If you don’t have VIM in your computer, you can use GEDIT.

After opening the file, the  xxxxx

The following XXX is replaced by your computer host name, which is the last string of characters in the error. If not, add it in. If there are many parts of soybean oil, they can be replaced in batches.

Article link: sudo: unable to resolve host solution

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