[Android test] solution for error closed after the carriage return of the ADB shell

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Phenomenon 1: In the process of Monkey test by connecting USB with mobile phone, start a CMD window to input again, and error Closed appears after ADB shell returns. In some cases, this can happen with some cell phones.
Phenomenon 2: Unable to install ***. Apk on device ‘019417a3’: Unable to open Sync Connection!
Personally, I think the reasons for both phenomena are the same.
The solution is as follows:

One: Restart your computer, then look up your phone on your computer and start Eclipse
Second: Mobile phone – Settings – applications – development – USB debugging on and off again
Third: restart the phone, usb debugging on and off again.
Fourth: Try “adb kill-server” and then “adb start-Server “under CMD.
Personally, the second and third methods are more practical

Reproduced in: https://my.oschina.net/u/199776/blog/330604

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