Under the “return-d” mode, the number of “return / return” is 1

When installing the software with apt-get, something like
install-info: No dir file specified; Try — help for more information. DPKG: error handling gettext (– configure) : subprocess post-installation script returns error number 1. In handling it, an error occurs:
E: sub-process /usr/bin/ DPKG returns an error code (1)
Sudo mv /var/lib/ DPKG/inf.bak // now rename info folder
sudo mkdir /var/lib/ DPKG /info // and create a new info folder
sudo apt-get update
// don’t explain it
apt-get-f install XXX
sudo mv /var/lib/ DPKG /info/* /var/lib/ DPKG /info.bak
// after the previous step will generate some files under the new info folder, Now all these files will be moved to the info. Bak folder
sudo rm-rf /var/lib/ DPKG /info/delete their newly created info folder
sudo mv /var/lib/ DPKG /info/bak /var/lib/ DPKG /info/change the previous info folder back to the name
until this problem is solved successfully
In general, the above method will solve the problem

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