ADB connection error

ADB Connection Error
There are times when you run into an ADB Connection Error when debugging real machines, which means that the port you are debugging is occupied.
The error reporting code for the problem I encountered is as follows:
Unable to create Debug Bridge; Unable to start adb server; error; cannot parse version string ; Kg01 ‘C: \ users \ \ * * * * * * * * adb. Exe, start – server’ failed – run manually if necessary.

here is my error report picture:

The error message indicates that the port is occupied by an adb.exe. Then we’ll find the adb.exe file in the cool dog folder and delete it. Does not affect the use of cool dog music.
Later, I summarized other problems that occupied the port, such as the following error code:
Unable to create Debug Bridge: Unable to start ADB Server: Error: could not install * SmartSocket * Listener: cannot bind to
Could not read the ok from the ADB Server
* failed to start the daemon *
error: always connect to the daemon
‘D: * * * * * \ ADB exe, start – Server’ failed – run manually if necessary
This solution is different from the previous one:
Find the corresponding pid number occupying the port number 5037 by netstat -aon|findstr “5037”. Open task manager and kill the process with the corresponding PID number. Restart ADB.

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