After adb is connected to an android phone, remount failed: operation not permitted when adb remount is a roundabout solution

I like to start to play with some small tools, trick or treat, feeling after the start, the impression is more profound, but also can deeply understand some things, in this process, there will be some problems, start to solve, quite fun. The last time I played the phone at adb, I almost crashed it, and then with a little effort, I repaired it myself, to a false alarm. Tonight I tried to get the file into the box with ADB, and as a result, an adb Remount (to make the file system writable) prompted a denial of operation not permitted.  

I initially thought it was a root issue, but if you want to get out of the shell and use ADB Remount, what’s the root issue?So, you have to do it inside the shell. The purpose of adb Remount is to make the file system available, so we might as well make the file directory writable directly in the shell with root permission, thus indirectly solving the problem, as follows ( is the IP address of my Xiaomi phone) :

Of course, the key command can also be: mount -o Remount, RW-T yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system. In addition, the Windows path, we must not type a letter to write in, directly dragged into the file can ah.    

Ok, when you encounter a problem, try to solve it, direct method, indirect method, white cat black cat can be. Now it’s done, so summarize and record it.  

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