Solve the problem that the connection between ADB and nocturnal God cannot be solved

win10, nightgod simulator v6.6.0.9, adb v1.0.41.

CMD opens the command line window, run adb devices display List of devices attached, could not get emulator device information . After trying many methods online, was finally solved by replacing the nox_adb.exe file with adb.exe.

steps are as follows:

1. Close adb software and nightgod simulator software, and the two exe processes can be closed directly through the task manager.
2. I install the adb.exe path: D:\Program Files (x86)\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools, copy the adb.exe file to the nightgod directory, replace the nox_adb.exe file, and rename the copied adb.exe to nox_adb.exe of course.
copy to night god’s bin directory: D:\Program Files\Nox\bin

start the simulator, run adb devices again,
List of devices attached device

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