Solutions to ADB failed to start daemon

a lot of people have this problem

adb server is out of date. killing…
ADB server didn’t ACK
* failed to start daemon *

baidu, there are all kinds of perfect solutions, that is, 5037 port is occupied, according to the online steps to operate

netstat -ano | findstr “5037”

find the corresponding process number and stop the corresponding process in task manager.

but after using this method to start adb, the error is still reported as above, and then to find the port occupying 5037 is adb. Exe.

right-click in the process and open the location of the process, and find that the process of adb. Exe is the adb that I installed in Genymotion (D:\Program Files\Genymobile\Genymotion\tools
adb. Exe), and it is this process that preempts the port of 5037.

enter the Genymotion setting path interface, select ADB TAB, the first is to use the default Genymotion ADB, select the second, the second is to use ADB. It is ok to restart and start

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