Win7 system build PHP + MySQL + Apache environment + deploy ECSHOP project

Installation environment background: Win7 x64 bit system, build PHP+MySQL+Apache environment, to achieve ECSHOP project development.
> Tip: The VC ++14 runtime is required to run php.exe
2. Download and install MySQL with user name ‘root’; The root password. I won’t go into too much here;
3, Download apache_http_server_2.4.12_jisuxia, unzip it, run httpd.exe will report an error; Change the conf/httpd.conf file;
Note the following points (do not carry Spaces in the middle of the installation file directory) :
3.2 Set the path (absolute path), such as LoadModule actions_module D:/ HTTPD /modules/

4. The above steps have prepared the environment for compiling PHP files, but Apache and PHP have not been fully configured correctly. Next, we need to configure the configuration files on both sides.
PHPIniDir = PHPIniDir; PHPIniDir = PHPIniDir; PHPIniDir = PHPIniDir; PHPIniDir = PHPIniDir; PHPIniDir = PHPIniDir; PHPIniDir = PHPIniDir; PHPIniDir = PHPIniDir; #BEGIN PHP INSTALLER edits-remove ONLY ON UNINSTALL #php_flag display_errors ON #php_value error_reporting 2039 #END PHP INSTALLER EDITS – REMOVE ONLY ON UNINSTALL
4.2 Copy the php.ini-development file in the PHP installation directory and rename it to php.ini and edit and set it
extension_dir < Absolute path>; = “D:/php7/ext” and date.timezone = PRC; Just remove the comments in the following figure; php_mysql.dll

5, OK, the above PHP + MySQL + Apache environment has been set up. Next download the ecshop source package; Unzip only the Upload section;
The HTTPD startup service will open the project file htdocs by default. Place the uncompressed upload into the htdocs directory and change its name to ecshop.
6, CMD command window to add HTTPD. Exe services to the services list, CD to the apache/bin directory: first HTTPD. Exe -k install
7, http://localhost:80/ecshop/index.php to install deployment ecshop projects; Sc delete service name < Delete services>;
Return cls_image::gd_version(); return cls_image::gd_version(); return cls_image::gd_version(); Non-static gd_version(), in which the :: operation requires a static method; Find a solution online: Replace this piece of content; I didn’t succeed! Declare a static method with gd_version() in the cls_image file; Lib_installer $jpeg_enabled = ($gd_info[‘JPG Support’]) $jpeg_enabled = ($gd_info[‘JPEG Support’];
9, the above questions, on the Internet to find answers are not successful!
Strict Standards: Non-static method cls_image::gd_version() should not be called statically in E:\web\shopex\includes\lib_base.php on line 346
This error occurs with PHP versions above 5.3.
On line 346, we find that the gd_version() method does not declare static static, so it fails:
return cls_image::gd_version();
$p = new cls_image();
return $p-> gd_version();
Directory permissions to detect a red can not be written ECSHOP project directory permissions are not enough CHMOD-R 777 ECSHOP
10. Download XAMPP software and integrate PHP + Tomcat + Apache + MySQL; One key installation, ECSHOP no error!
http://localhost:80/ecshop/index.php installation is complete! Database MySQL + administrator XUP2012 + commodity category + close message verification code;
http://localhost/ecshop/admin login background management
11, Integrated MySQL + Tomcat, want to copy all the original installed software to the corresponding MySQL + Tomcat directory of XAMPP;
Note Tomcat’s environment variables and change the path; C: ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\ Data C: ProgramData\MySQL\ Server 5.5\ Data
C: ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\ Data = C: ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\ Data = C: ProgramData\MySQL\ Server 5.5\ Data
CLS_TEMPLAR.php (CLS_TEMPLAR.php) : error caused by CLS_TEMPLAR.php (CLS_TEMPLAR.php) : error caused by CLS_TEMPLAR.php
Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is Deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead…. Return preg_replace_callback(“/{([^\}\{\n]*)}/”, function($r) {return $this->; select($r[1]); }, $surce Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in D:\ XAMPP… 7C0D8828A2FA23C669A5614F73F3AE8A

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