Win 10 System Restore Fail 0x80070091

The following about says it all. I have tried SysRes from both sides and failed.
System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer’s system files and
The settings have not changed.
System restore fails when restoring a directory from a restore point.
Target: %ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps
An unspecified error occurred during system recovery. (0 x80070091)
The two attempts come from:Select different recovery points to show more backups of the recovery point type. I really need this function to work. Is there a solution?

Renaming the folder WindowsApps, restarting the system and trying system recovery should fix the problem.

1. Download an iso image file of Win10 (the official original).
2. use ultraiso to write the image to U disk (method baidu)
3. Use the boot sequence provided by the BIOS to switch, boot from the USB flash drive, and wait patiently.
4. After selecting the language next, on the second screen in the lower left corner, tap "Repair Computer (R)", tap "Troubleshooting", tap "Command Line Prompt".
  Typing in the order.
  cd "Program Files"
  md "WindowsApps-"
  xcopy "WindowsApps" "WindowsApps-" /s /e /y /h
  rd "WindowsApps"
  Close the command line window, click "Troubleshooting", click "System Restore", and then execute OK.

I described a solution Windows 10 1607 version:System recovery error 0x80070091 [fixed] here.
Add:This issue seems to have been fixed in the Windows 10 creator update. There is a batch file to fix this issue. For more information, see:
Message about System Recovery Error 0x80070091.

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