The solution of OpenGL not displaying normally in win7 system

These days I want to have a look at OpenGL, according to the online introduction to use the GLUT plug-in on Windows 7 VS2008. After the GLUT plug-in is installed, the program will compile, but at run time, the GLUT window will either be white or stuck, not properly.
I thought Windows 7 was incompatible with the GLUT plugin. Inadvertently see in online ( said today may be the graphics driver (I is amd hd 8570 m). So, with 360 hardware master detection, the original their graphics card driver is too old. After updating the video card driver, it still can’t display normally. In right click on the desktop, select “configuration can exchange CARDS”, appear amd graphics Settings, left corner of the window we recommend: swappable display card global Settings, a battery case and insert the power supply two Settings, choose to “maximize performance” (or choose according to need) can normal use openGL glut plugin.
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