Webpack encountered a variety of problems to solve

The overview of WebPack is not much longer.
Let me go straight to some of the problems I encountered in learning WebPack.
Problem 1: An error has been reported during the installation of the partial WebPack and the installation failed.
The common reason for this is that when you execute NPM init-y, the “name” attribute in the package.json file is called “Webpack” by default, which will result in repeated name errors.

Question 2: When you install WebPack Webpack-CLI (I think it was in 4. After a few versions you must install webpack-cli) webpack-dev-server, execute
NPM run dev. Report an error finding that a file in the webpack directory cannot be found. This is usually due to version incompatibility.
I recommend you check out an answer from the nuggets, linked below
About the version of the three plug-ins
These are the problems that newcomers generally encounter. In fact, when they encounter these problems, there are no more than the following situations:

    version is not compatible without permissions local and global problems network speed has a problem, the package did not download good

So you find the error message first, and then you get a sense of what it means. If you still can’t figure it out, ask the search engines. Slowly narrow down the bug, and that’s it

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