Some problems encountered by Android Aidl

Some problems with Android AIDL
(1) Starting Service ** is required after 5.0
An error will be reported if the service is started implicitly (unless Intent. SetPackage (” application package name of the service to be started “) is started implicitly).
Error:(9, 41) No symbol can be found
The reason is that the other class name (Java) file is mixed with aidl’s aidl file in the same directory
Java files have to be placed under the Java file (server package name + Java file).
Error 1
Error: Error converting the bytecode to dex:
Cause: Java. Lang. RuntimeException: Exception parsing classes
Reason package names contain uppercase letters

p>ge com.example.lqm;
package com.example.lqm;
public class User implements Parcelable{
private String id;
privte String name;
… .
The corresponding aidl file is
package com.example.lqm; // This is user. aidl package
parcelable User;

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