U disk installation Linux system could not boot, / dev / root does not exist and the identified hard disk space is not available

UltraISO made U disk start disk

first use centos7, not successful, changed centos8 or not successful, then start to find the cause of the problem

1. Pay attention to the “easy start – write to new drive boot sector -Syslinux”

before writing

2, could not boot, /dev/root does not exist
because the configuration path in the installation boot is wrong,

solution 1,
in the option to install the page, press TAB, “hd:LABEL= XXXXX” in the XXXXX into their own usb disk name

solution two,
in emergency mode, CD /dev into the directory, ls to see all, the hard disk name is generally sda, SDB, SDC so, my computer has two hard disks, u disk should be SDC, then SDC, sdc4, restart back to the installation page to “hd:LABEL= XXXXX” to hd:/dev/sdc4 is ok, if not successful, just try a few sd

3 to enter after installation, hard disk space is not available,
1 t my hard drive, display 1000 k is available, the other is unavailable, this is because the computer before you install a Windows system, hard disk has been allocated a
select the hard disk, check the automatic partition,
and check the order I like to make additional space available click done
the pop-up dialog box select delete all can recycling all space

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