Windows 10 upgrade 1803 failed because of dual hard disk!!

Microsoft in recent days to push the win10 1803 version of the update, and then when I upgrade has been wrong, tip need to restart the complete installation, but after the restart and prompt 0 x80070002 error, tried 4, 5 times the same mistake repeatedly, baidu, said with win10 rise would have the chances of success, hope to try, can be the result of nima is the prompt me,
What The FK!! Update is going to give up, close the 35 days to update, obsessive compulsive disorder, I do not lose heart, however, continue to baidu, see some old article mentioned Windows 7 upgrade win10 similar mistakes, the reason is caused by double hard disk, and my machine is a mechanical hard disk and a solid, estimates that, immediately began unstitching chassis, pull the mechanical drive, the power cord cable boot, to update, brush brush… Problem solved!! Problem solved!! Problem solved!! Ten thousand monsters in my heart! Is this Microsoft update too sloppy??BUG10 lives up to its name?

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