Non system disk or disk error

The cause of
Because there are two systems, I want to delete another useless system, and then Start dead ==
The formatted failure is because disk D is an active partition, so the failure of formatting cancel the disk partition marked as active:

You can only have the command line when you cancel because the Windows TAB has been lightened and can’t be checked. 1. Command line prompt, run DISKPART, run into prompt “DISKPART>” ; 2. Use the “LIST DISK” command to determine the ## of your removable hard drive; 3. Use “Select DISK 0” to set your removable DISK to the current operating DISK; 4. Use “Select PARTITION 1” to set the first PARTITION to the current operation PARTITION;
. Use the “INACTIVE” command to INACTIVE the current partition.

did according to this, and then restarted on non-system disk or disk error
The solution
When the machine guess is the D disk cancel active problem, why?Isn’t disk C the default system?Because the boot data is on disk D?Start with a U disk, enter the PE interface, the last item, called normal into the system?After entering the system normally, open the disk management, D disk mark active, restart the computer, normal

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