Ubuntu (16.04) creates a Windows boot U disk, using woeusb instead of DD

Ubuntu (16.04) creates Windows boot usb drives, using WOeUSB instead of DD
Dd creation often doesn’t start, I heard that you have to convert isohybrid to get to the USB flash drive. (Also, for Linux clones, if you already have a Linux system, install a Squashfs-Tools, just copy the root unsquashfs from the CD to a partition, and change the password to Chroot.)
Then we have to use another tool: WoeUSB

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt update 
sudo apt install woeusb

graphical interface use is not talked about, talked about the command line:

sudo woeusb --device </path/to/windows.iso> <device>
for example
sudo woeusb --device /home/windows.iso /dev/sdc

Update: if you get an error like this: “Error: Partition(s) on /dev/sdb are being used” when WinUSB/WoeUSB tries to format the USB stick from the command line, or “Error 256” in the beginning of the process when using the GUI, you must unmount the partitions. Firstly, to get a list of partitions, run the following command (“mount” also works):

df -aTh

This should list all the partitions mounted on your system. If you got here, you should already know the USB device drive, e.g. /dev/sdc, so you need to look for the partitions (it could also only be one) on this drive, like /dev/sdc1, /dev/sdc2, etc. Then, unmount them like this (example):

sudo umount /dev/sdc1
sudo umount /dev/sdc2

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