Win10 must be optimized after installation to solve 100% disk occupation

01 Close home group
Control Panel – Admin tool – Service – HomeGroup Listener and HomeGroup Provider disabled.
Close the disk defragmentation, automatic maintenance scheduling tasks
Select disk C- properties – Tools – Optimize and defragment the drive – optimize – change Settings – deselect to run as planned.
03 Windows Defender off (as the case may be)
Control Panel – Windows Defender – Settings – Implement protection – Remove check and Administrator – Enable Windows Defender – Remove check.
Control Panel – Admin Tool – Services – Windows Defender Service disabled.
04 Close Windows Search
Control Panel – Admin Tool – Services – Windows Search disabled.
Set up the Superfetch service
Control panel – Management tool – Service – Superfetch – startup type – auto (delayed startup).
06 Clean the Windows.old folder
C disk – right click – Properties – Disk cleanup – select the previous Windows Installation check box – Confirm cleanup.
Set automatic login
Win+R – Enter Netplwiz – Cancel the option of having to enter your username and password when using your computer – then double-click on the account that requires automatic login – enter your password.
08 closed ipv6
Network sharing center – Network connection – Ethernet – Properties – Cancel ipv6.
09 Closing effects
System properties – Advanced – Performance – Settings – Visual effects – Turn off fade-in effects.
Close virtual memory
System Properties – Advanced – Performance – Settings, select “Advanced”, click “Change” in virtual memory, remove the check box of “Automatically manage the paging file size of drive”, click “No Paging File” below, click “Set” and “OK”.

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