“An error occurred while adding a recovery system to the destination disk

Let’s start with the context of what’s going on, but skip ahead. I am the 15-inch rMBP2012, and the day before yesterday, I was stuck in the login interface (a rare problem is that after I input the password, the loop turns endlessly, but of course the system cannot get in). As soon as I came into contact with MAC, I didn’t understand anything. I simply used the disk permission repair and disk verification, and there was no problem. So I went to the App Store to check, and there was no problem, so I reinstalled it directly. If you can reinstall the students do not go, they basically have no good solution to the software problem, except reinstall.
Environmental problem: the classmate of useful Time machine must first thoughts after the above problems is to recover from the TM, but three days ago there was a new backup, here next Time capsule, convenient wireless backup is too much, if you have it will have a backup, an hour after a problem, I immediately bought a, is in the mobile hard disk backup before. Here is to explain that if you just look for files from the TM, then into the TM copy out can be, but want to restore the full (that is, including the system), need to boot from the system disk to go in, speaking of the system disk, can be installed in the U disk or mobile hard disk in a partition. I like clean installation, so I did a bit of formatting on my my hand is out of control before TM was restored, and then the above problem occurred.
Cause of problem: Lack of recovery partition, so this problem usually occurs on a completely formatted or new hard disk.
Solution: Reinstall the system, this time will generate “restore partition” by default. Since the system will be restored during installation, there is no need to wait for the completion of the entire installation process. You just need to click option to enter TM restore in the first restart.

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