Solution of U disk content hidden by virus

Recently, I found that I have a virus in my USB flash disk, and the contents of the USB flash disk are hidden. However, when I view the properties, all of them actually occupy the memory. The effect is as shown in the figure. I believe many friends have encountered this kind of problem, so how to solve it?

The figure is as follows:

First of all, check whether the contents of the U disk are cleared or hidden. If it is cleared by a virus, you can only use the recovery tool to recover. But if it’s just hidden, you can use the “tools” button in the menu bar -& gt ; Folder selection -& gt ; see -& gt ; Show hidden folders to show hidden files.

If all the hidden files exist, you can use the following method to remove them.

1. Create a new TXT in the USB flash disk with any name;

2. Enter:

attrib -s -h /s /d

3. Change the suffix to. Bat, and then double-click to run.

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The solution of U disk content hidden by virus

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