Insert datagram error: ISAM error: no free disk space

I made a mistake in migrating data times:

[error]: error inserting data

Error   SQLCode:[-271]

Error message:Could not insert new row into the table:(-271) ISAM error:no free disk space(-131)

After checking the storage space, it is found that the space is free. After inquiry, it is found that the database built by Informix will often report an error when importing a large amount of data.

You can search for settings about Informix’s extend size and next size.

How Informix determines the extent size and next size_ The growth of database technology… – CSDN blog

Then my solution is as like as two peas: i migrated data, so I set up a table structure that is exactly the same as the database to be migrated in the destination database, but the value of extent size and next size is needed to build the table statement. For example, if I want to migrate a 34 g table, set the value of my extent size to 33554430 (the default unit is KB, which is the maximum value, 32g) and the next size to 1048576 (1 g or 2 g). Of course, the table space is extensible.

Create table table name(

  id CHAR(64),


extent size 33554430 next size 1048576;

In tablespace name;

The values of ext size and next size are about the same as the data size, because my table space is extensible. If it is not extensible, it is better to be larger than the data size.

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