The reasons for the following errors occurred when opening the webgl project of unity

Two days ago, I tried to export the webGL project of U3D. I opened it with Firefox browser, but it could not be opened. The following error occurred:

An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser’s JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

uncaught exception: abort(-1) at jsStackTrace@blob:null/21b3ccc8-02d9-4b14-ad3b-21e2001b487a:1:22814



__Z26RegisterClass_MovieTexturev [RegisterClass_MovieTexture()]@blob:null/21b3ccc8-02d9-4b14-ad3b-21e2001b487a:1:320476







run/< @blob:null/21b3ccc8-02d9-4b14-ad3b-21e2001b487a:29:47875

If this abort() is unexpected, build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 which can give more information.

I thought some Settings of webGL or Firefox might have been modified by accident, but they still can’t be reinstalled. There is no same answer on the Internet, and the q&A is all over the UK, which makes me die.

Later looked at the mistake carefully, suddenly found the key sentence! ___registerclass_movietexturev [RegisterClass_MovieTexture()] @BLOB: NULL/21B3CCC8-02D9-4B14-ad3B-21E2001B487A :1:320476. So movieTexture is a little bit familiar. If I go back to my project, I find a folder called MovieTexture that contains a few.mp4 video files. Delete all the videos in it, export it again, open it normally, solve it successfully!

1. This time, it may be because webGL cannot recognize the video files, so it can be solved by deleting all the video files in the project.
2. The problem is with the error message, so take a look at that and if you find a sentence that’s most relevant to your project, that should be the one that makes the error, like my project movieTexture.

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