Sophus Library Issues (Reasons & Solutions)

This blog records the errors encountered in the process of using sophus.

1. Cannot find header file fatal error: sophus/SO3 HPP: no such file or directory

1.1 problem description

fatal error: sophus/so3.hpp: no such file or directory

GitHub is now a new version of sophus, which is based on the template class, and its corresponding header file is .h, while the header file corresponding to sophus based on non-template class is .hpp, so an error will be reported.

1.2 solutions

Put in the code

#include "sophus/so3.hpp"
#include "sophus/se3.hpp"

sophus::sophus SO3d;
sophus::sophus SE3d;

Change all to

#include "sophus/so3.h"
#include "sophus/se3.h"

sophus::sophus SO3;
sophus::sophus SE3;

2. /usr/bin/LD: not found - lsophus:: sophus

2.1 error reporting prompt

Compilation error

/usr/bin/ld: Could not find -lSophus::Sophus
/usr/bin/ld: Could not find -lSophus::Sophus
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

2.2 solutions

My original cmake:

target_link_libraries( useSophus ${Sophus_LIBRARIES} Sophus::Sophus)

Modify to

target_link_libraries( useSophus ${Sophus_LIBRARIES})

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