New Maven project– pom.xml report errors

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Sometimes when we create new Maven projects, the pom.xml file likes to report errors (especially on the first line!). . However, our Settings configuration and so on are all fine. You may be confused at this point, but that’s okay. Follow these steps and give it a try. It might solve your problem.
The reason: Eclipse integrated Maven had issues (version issues or site access issues), and the newly installed Maven was not successfully added to the M2e plug-in
The solution is as follows:
Step.1 Go to the official website to download the appropriate version of Maven and store it in the appropriate path (or check the missing JAR file in the report — the corresponding error message will provide the URL to download the missing file — copy it to the appropriate path in the local repository).
Step.2 Open Eclipse Preferences -> Maven-> UserSettings changes the Global Settings and UserSettings to conf/settings.xml in Maven that you just downloaded
Step. 3 the Eclipse preferences – & gt; Maven-> * * * Click on Add to Add the Maven folder you just downloaded, and then check your own version instead of using the built-in one
Step.4 After the above two steps, you have successfully integrated the Maven version you downloaded with Eclipse, and then right-click on the project that reported an error before, and right-click Run As ->; Maven clean, then Run As ->; Maven install

ep.5: project right-click ->; Maven-> The Update Project step takes a bit of time and you can see if the Update has been completed by looking at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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