Vs error prompt: “unable to open source file XXXX. H” possible reasons and Solutions

Unable to open source file xxx.h
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When learning the teacher’s example code, I found an error.

clock function and clock_t type are undefined identifiers?

see the library reference can not find the header file, tip “unable to open the source file time. The h”
The cause of
The code given by the teacher is not wrong in theory, it should be the problem of my development environment.
So my first reaction was: VS is broken?Can’t find time.h?Do I need to change the IDE configuration?Find the location of the header file to add?

VS cannot open source file “XXX. H”
10:57:14 on June 8, 2016 May the peace of the world Mr. W read number: 16405

https://blog.csdn.net/u014800094/article/details/51611636 project properties – & gt; Configure properties ->; C/C + + & gt; Conventional – & gt; Additional include directory ->; $(ProjectDir)

I tried it, but it was no use.
I think again, this project is written by the teacher VS2005, I am now 9012 years old, using VS2017 to open, is it possible that the version difference caused the problem! ?
Baidu, sure enough, I found someone with the same problem as me.


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