ERROR: Adobe Flashplayer or HTML5 Browser with WebGL or CSS3D support requ

Error appears on the pyqt5 qwebengine VR interface: Adobe flashplayer or HTML5 browser with webgl or css3d support requ

The following sentences can prevent the interface from flickering. If you add more, the image above will appear. As long as you leave other comments and the last sentence, you can solve the interface flickering and play VR video.

from PyQt5.QtCore import *
from PyQt5.QtGui import *   

# QCoreApplication.setAttribute(Qt.AA_UseSoftwareOpenGL,True)
# QCoreApplication.setAttribute(Qt.AA_UseSoftwareOpenGL, True)
# QGuiApplication.setAttribute(Qt.AA_UseSoftwareOpenGL, True)
# QApplication.setAttribute(Qt.AA_UseSoftwareOpenGL, True)

QCoreApplication.setAttribute(Qt.AA_UseOpenGLES, True)

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