Notes on unity project_ Unity webplayer failed to update unity web player

after unity packages webplayer, four files

will be generated

opens the.html file in the following position

inserts the following code

baseDownloadUrl: "",  
autoupdateURL : "",  
autoupdateURLSignature : "02a5f78b3066d7d31fb063186a2eec36fdf1205d49c6b0808eb37ef85ed9902e2e1904d87f599238a802ba0abbfe4f18aa82dd2eb5171e99ba839a5cea9e6ea9c1be9eae505937b56fe4a5fd254cffe08958d961f42d970136b5eab9e6c2cd08b81bc8a11e5ade57dc63dcfef2248d89689e4d4feed3cdfe7374c848fd57ebd4" 

is what this code does to let webplayer download
ChinaCache latest version, cause:
Unity works with ChinaCache :CDN acceleration plug-in download

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