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[Solved] vpython: AttributeError: ‘box‘ object has no attribute ‘idx‘

vpython : AttributeError: ‘box‘ object has no attribute ‘idx‘

Problem description

1. Problem Description:

After importing the VPython library, the errors reported after using the sphere class or box class in the VPython library are as follows:

the main error statement is the underlined part: attributeerror: 'box' object has no attribute 'IDX' (changing box to sphere is the same).

After debugging, it is found that the specific errors are as follows:

2. Solution

  1. Make sure vpython is installed
  2. Check the third-party libraries of the project environment for the packages autobahn and txaio, e.g. mine are autobahn version is 22.4.2, txaio version is 22.2.1.
  3. Lower the version of audobahn. If I lower the version to 22.3.2


VScode vue3 Project vetur Error [How to Solve]

The plug-in supported by vue3 should be volar. There was an old vue2 project plug-in vetur before, so an error will be reported
solution: create a new .vscode in the project and create a new file settings.json, which reads as follows:

    "vetur.validation.template": false,
    "vetur.validation.script": false,
    "vetur.validation.style": false,

Finally, restart vscode to solve the problem

[How to Solve] error Parsing error: x-invalid-end-tag

Error reporting result

error  Parsing error: x-invalid-end-tag

Error reporting analysis

When view renders tags as native HTML tags, because these tags are self-closing, an error will be reported if there is an end tag.


The first method: remove the end mark and write it in the form of single label

The second method: turn off the reminder


Enter vetur. valid ation.tem pl ate in the search field and uncheck it as the screenshot below.

css-rcurlyexpected Error: css-rcurlyexpected at-rule, or selector expected, Do not use empty rulesets

● questions:

● the errors are:

at-rule or selector expected
Do not use empty rulesets

But the style works normally.

● cause

1. set “vetur.validation.style”: false in setting.json,
2. add @charset “utf-8” to the first line of style;
But the main reason for this is that the page language mode is set incorrectly, just use the default .vue will be set to html mode, so it will report an error

● Solution 1:

Click in to change to Vue mode

● Solution 2:

Set the setting in setting.json to allow the system to modify the language mode of the .vue file to vue by default

"files.associations": {
   "*.vue": "vue",

How to Solve Ceres library Error when compiling A-LOAM

The C++ version in the CMakeLists for direct download of the A-LOAM library is 11, as follows:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.3)

set(CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE "Release")
set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "-std=c++11")

But Ceres 2.0 and above requires C++14 compiler, so you just need to change the C++ compiler to 14

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.3)

set(CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE "Release")
set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "-std=c++14")

Centos7.2 Install vscode Error: error while loading shared libraries: libxkbcommon.so.0: cannot open shared pro

1. I recently needed to install vscode on centos 7.2, and after installing it, I ran it and found that it kept reporting the following error

2. Using the #ldd code command, I found that libxkbcommon.so.0 is indeed missing

3. Then install libxkbcommon

yum install libxkbcommon

4. The following problems occur during operation

5. Then install NSS

yum install nss

6. Running, OK

VScode connect Remote Linux Server Error: Resolver error: Error

Problem Description
When using vscode to connect to a remote linux server ssh login suddenly fails to connect, showing Resolver error: Error


Personal solution:

1. Use other remote connection software to log in to the server, the blogger used Tabby
2. Use the command to find your own related processes: ps -ef | grep user_name
3. Find the pid of the process corresponding to .vscode, end the corresponding process: kill -9 $pid
4. vscode reconnect

For the time being, we do not know the reason for this frequent problem, but the above method can solve the connection failure problem.

vscode git error: would clobber existing tag [How to Solve]

Using vscode’s own git interface to operate pull, there may be an error about the tag would clobber existing tag, resulting in the inability to pull


1. Type git pull directly in terminal to finish pulling the code. Although the code is pulled, the vscode git tool still does not work.
2. Type git fetch –tags -f in terminal to force the local code tag to be updated first. Then use vscode’s git tools to pull the code.

[Solved] VSCode Edit LaTeX Error: Recipe terminated with error.

Recipe terminated with error encountered while editing latex in vscode Problem handling method


After texlive is installed, the command error is displayed in tex – V in the CMD file, but the version information can be displayed normally by opening tex live command line and entering tex – V. This indicates that texlive is installed successfully but the environment variables are configured incorrectly, so the error in the title appears

it is not feasible to add environment variables directly in user variables or system variables;


After adding the above text

in the path of the system environment variable, it seems that you don’t need to restart the computer. You can display the information of Tex-V in CMD, and then restart vscode.