[Solved] Vscode1.71.0 terminal error: `sed: illegal option — r`

Problem description

In the Mac environment, the terminal that comes with Vscode will show a sed prompt no matter what command it is.,There is no problem with using the built-in terminal

$ echo 'hi'
sed: illegal option -- r
usage: sed script [-Ealn] [-i extension] [file ...]
       sed [-Ealn] [-i extension] [-e script] ... [-f script_file] ... [file ... ]

System Environment

# system version

ProductName: Mac OS X
ProductVersion: 10.14.4
BuildVersion: 18E2035

# vscode version
$ code -v


Refer to the issue for a good solution to this problem

The official website also said that this problem will be fixed in the next version

Modify file /Applications/Visual Studio Code.app/Contents/Resources/app/out/vs/workbench/contrib/terminal/browser/media/shellIntegration-bash.sh

Replace line 125

# __vsc_current_command="$(builtin history 1 | sed -r 's/ *[0 -9]+ +//')"
__vsc_current_command="$(builtin history 1 | sed -E 's/ *[0-9]+ +//')"

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