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[Solved] Vue Error: Error in v-on handler (Promise/async): “[object object]“

[Solved] Vue Error: Error in v-on handler (Promise/async): “[object object]“


Use try_ catch package async… await function

   * export
  async download () { // export
    try {
      const { parkName } = this.formInline
      const res:any = await exportInvoice({ parkName })
    } catch (_) {}

VScode vue3 Project vetur Error [How to Solve]

The plug-in supported by vue3 should be volar. There was an old vue2 project plug-in vetur before, so an error will be reported
solution: create a new .vscode in the project and create a new file settings.json, which reads as follows:

    "vetur.validation.template": false,
    "vetur.validation.script": false,
    "vetur.validation.style": false,

Finally, restart vscode to solve the problem

[Solved] node-xlsx Write excel Error: TypeError: n.indexOf is not a function

Use node xlsx to write the assembled data into excel and always report errors. The error information is as follows:

(node:6357) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: TypeError: n.indexOf is not a function
    at /Users/mac/project/reptile/invoice/node_modules/xlsx/xlsx.js:15693:8
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at check_ws_name (/Users/mac/project/reptile/invoice/node_modules/xlsx/xlsx.js:15692:11)
    at /Users/mac/project/reptile/invoice/node_modules/xlsx/xlsx.js:15701:3
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at check_wb_names (/Users/mac/project/reptile/invoice/node_modules/xlsx/xlsx.js:15700:4)
    at check_wb (/Users/mac/project/reptile/invoice/node_modules/xlsx/xlsx.js:15713:2)
    at Object.writeSync [as write] (/Users/mac/project/reptile/invoice/node_modules/xlsx/xlsx.js:21998:2)
    at Object.build (/Users/mac/project/reptile/invoice/node_modules/node-xlsx/lib/index.js:77:33)
    at writeXlsx (/Users/mac/project/reptile/invoice/index.js:269:21)
(Use `node --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)
(node:6357) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection. This error originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting a promise which was not handled with .catch(). To terminate the node process on unhandled promise rejection, use the CLI flag `--unhandled-rejections=strict` (see https://nodejs.org/api/cli.html#cli_unhandled_rejections_mode). (rejection id: 2)
(node:6357) [DEP0018] DeprecationWarning: Unhandled promise rejections are deprecated. In the future, promise rejections that are not handled will terminate the Node.js process with a non-zero exit code.

There is no useful information in the prompt. You can only use node xlsx to read the normal excel table into JSON, and then compare the normal Josn with the JSON assembled by yourself however, the goose did not find any difference
after careful comparison, the problem is finally found. The reason is that the table name of each table in Excel can only be the string,

let obj = {
    name: more.tatalAmount, // The name obtained here is Number, which must be converted to String with toString()
    data: [

How to Solve MAC electronic installation dependent startup error

file: https://github.com/electron/electron/issues/8466

Error message:


Switch to node_ The index file used for the electron pair in modules, then enter the terminal and execute it in the current directory with node install.js before completing the electron dependent installation

Then go to the project again and start the project

[Solved] Deploy the front-end package online. Net:: err_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Deploy to the line and report a pile of errors:
JS,CSS and HTML report the following errors


Because the domain name used by the server is HTTPS/HTTP
deployed to the online address, HTTPS starts with the first line of code and HTTP uses the second line of code

<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="upgrade-insecure-requests"> 
<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy"> 

Json.parse: All Error & How to Solve Them

Error Messages:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token N in JSON at position 0


Error Messages:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0


Error Messages:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token o in JSON at position 1


Error Messages:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token a in JSON at position 1


Error Messages:
Unexpected token ' in JSON at position 1


Error Messages:


**About json.parse

JSON.parseFor parsing JSON string, and returns the corresponding value, which parameters must conform to the format JSON string, otherwise an error.
JSON Is a syntax used to serialize objects, arrays, numbers, strings, Boolean values, and null.
JSON The attribute names of objects and arrays must be strings enclosed in double quotes, and there must be no comma after the last attribute.
JSON The string should also be enclosed in double quotes.
JSON values are forbidden to have leading zeros (JSON.stringify method automatically ignore leading zeros, and the JSON.parse method will report error); if there is a decimal point, then followed by at least one digit.

Error: input is invalid type [How to Solve]

This error message is because MD5 encryption is used, but the MD5 encrypted data is not found to be undefined

curObj.creditCode ?curObj.creditCode : md5(curObj.registerNo)) 

If curobj.registerno here is undefined, an error will be reported.

When you see this error, print it on the console.