[Solved] vpython: AttributeError: ‘box‘ object has no attribute ‘idx‘

vpython : AttributeError: ‘box‘ object has no attribute ‘idx‘

Problem description

1. Problem Description:

After importing the VPython library, the errors reported after using the sphere class or box class in the VPython library are as follows:

the main error statement is the underlined part: attributeerror: 'box' object has no attribute 'IDX' (changing box to sphere is the same).

After debugging, it is found that the specific errors are as follows:

2. Solution

  1. Make sure vpython is installed
  2. Check the third-party libraries of the project environment for the packages autobahn and txaio, e.g. mine are autobahn version is 22.4.2, txaio version is 22.2.1.
  3. Lower the version of audobahn. If I lower the version to 22.3.2


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