[Solved] Error while deploying HAP reported by Hongmeng deveco studio

It’s been a long time since I used DevEco-Studio, and today I ran a demo that reported an error, which I didn’t want to do.
Error message.
$ hdc file send /Users/likai/DevEcoStudioProjects/player/entry/build/outputs/hap/debug/entry-debug-unsigned.hap /sdcard/1bde11bbf51f4783a54e2e3616f6a0cd/entry-debug-unsigned.hap
$ hdc shell bm install -p /sdcard/1bde11bbf51f4783a54e2e3616f6a0cd/
$ hdc shell rm -rf /sdcard/1bde11bbf51f4783a54e2e3616f6a0cd
Error while Deploying HAP
Find the project’s configuration file config.json, open it and delete “releaseType”: “Beta1” , then run the perfect solution

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