[Solved] Android Studio Compile Error: Invalid main APK outputs : EarlySyncBuildOutput

Invalid main APK outputs : EarlySyncBuildOutput(type=com.android.build.gradle.internal.scope.InternalArtifactTypeKaTeX parse error: Undefined control sequence: \work at position 65: …on=0, output=F:\ ̲ w ̲ o ̲ r ̲ k ̲\ MobileWMS\app\… APK@1c2249b8 , apkType=MAIN, filtersData=[], version=0, output=F:\work\MobileWMS\app\build\outputs\apk\debug\output-metadata.json)

An error is reported when the version is too low. An error is reported when compiling again
after modifying the gradle version, an error is reported when compiling again, which is caused by the previously compiled APK

Click clean project under the build directory to clear the previously compiled data

clear and then compile!

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