Android studio version 3.0 import version 2.2.2 error Error:This Gradle plugin requires Studio 3.0 minimum

Foreword: the company uses version 3.0, and its computer is installed with version 2.2.2. The imported project gradle has reported an error, which has been encountered before. The reason for time has forgotten how to solve it, so Google has solved it, and hereby records it in a blog

Error:This Gradle Plugin requires studio 3.0 minimum
error: gradle plug-in requires 3.0 minimum

add this code

According to the above steps, the problem of gradle plug-in is solved, and an error is reported at runtime

Installation failed with message INSTALL_ FAILED_ TEST_ ONLY.
It is possible that this issue is resolved by uninstalling an existing version of the apk if it is present, and then re-installing.

WARNING: Uninstalling will remove the application data!

Do you want to uninstall the existing application?

No matter you click cancel or OK, the installation is not successful, as shown in the following figure

The solution: still in File addition android.injected.testOnly=false

add android.injected.testOnly=false

Then the problem is solved, the project can run normally on the mobile phone, and can play happily

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