[ERROR_BUNDLE_PATH_OR_FILE] & Error while Deploying HAP

Harmony App installation error on real machine:[ERROR_BUNDLE_PATH_OR_FILE] & Error while Deploying HAP
Error Messages:

Launching com.mosr.myapplication
$ hdc shell am force-stop com.mosr.myapplication
$ hdc shell bm uninstall com.mosr.myapplication
$ hdc file send F:\HarmonyProjects\MyApplication\list\build\outputs\hap\debug\list-entry-debug-rich-signed.hap /sdcard/c238ee6328cc48d69d0471eb05eff6e7/list-entry-debug-rich-signed.hap
$ hdc shell bm install -p /sdcard/c238ee6328cc48d69d0471eb05eff6e7/
$ hdc shell rm -rf /sdcard/c238ee6328cc48d69d0471eb05eff6e7
Error while Deploying HAP

Tester: Huawei mate9, harmony OS2 0.0 (version No.:

There is no solution, and the system version does not support it. It is recommended to use remote virtual machines and remote real machines in harmony OS device manager.

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