PCL 1.8.1 VTK 9.0 QT 5.14.9 [How to Solve]

Severity code description the project file line is prohibited from displaying status
error c2039 “immediatemodernetingoff”: project1 D:\PCL 1.8.1\include\pcl-1.8\PCL\visualization\impl\PCL is not a member of “vtkmapper”_visualizer.hpp 1431

#include <vtkRenderWindow.h>

2039 “immediatemodulerenderingoff”: not a member of “vtkmapper”

It was found that the ImmediateModeRenderingOff() method of vtkMapper was removed in vtk8.10 onwards, so in order to get the pcl1.9.1 code to compile, you just need to comment out the corresponding line of code in the error message

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