Vs compile VTK, only generate install error, stop, ask God how to solve?

VS2015 compiled VTK8.1, the previous was also successful, to the last step, only generate the install step error, error MSB3073 command “setlocal…
What is the meaning of this error and how to solve it?Thank you very much!
Attach an error message:
The severity code indicates that the project file line is prohibited from displaying status
Error MSB3073 command “setLocal
D:\cmake\ cmak.exe-dbuild_type = debug-p cmake_install. Cmake
%errorlevel% neq 0 goto :cmEnd
endLoca>amp; call :cmErrorLevel %errorlevel% & Goto :cmDone
exit /b %1
i>errorlevel % neq 0 goto :VCEnd
: vcend> INSTALL the C: \ Program Files \ MSBuild \ Microsoft (x86) Cpp \ v4.0 \ V140 \ Microsoft CppCommon. The targets 133

error lines of code:
& lt; Exec Command=”%(PostBuildEvent.Command)$(_BuildSuffix)” Condition=”‘%(PostBuildEvent.Command)’ ! = ””/>
The problem has been solved, the unified answer. I also stumbled upon the solution by accident.
The versions of these software do not match, use:
VS2015 + VTK6.3.0 + cmake – 3.11.0 – win32 – x86
Just use these versions and follow the tutorial, and on my computer, VTK builds without any problems.
I computer Inspiron 7577, Windows7 system

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