Solutions to the failure of installing jupyters in termux

When installing jupyter in termux, the network was cut off in the middle of the installation, which led to a day’s struggle. Finally, the installation was completed, and the problem was a. C   . H file is not available

Main reason: the dependency is not fully installed

Later, after some problems were solved, the installation of pyzmq (zeromq) got stuck, and the card owner did not move. Neither PIP install pyzmq nor PIP install jupyter alone could work

Follow these steps:

———————Check basic operations and commands:

pkg update

PKG install VIM curl WGet git unzip Unrar

———————Install dependency packages (5)

apt install python-dev clang fftw

apt-get install   libzmq

apt-get install   libzmq-dev

———————Install jupyter again

pip install –force-reinstall –no-cache-dir jupyter       // Force download and install again

Using termux for Linux unfamiliar students can come to git this, a script written by high school students, fool type installation termux common tools



Other solutions reference:

Baidu reference here

To re install termux:

Manual installation of zeromq (download source code analysis): there are a lot of online tutorials, just choose one: sev7/article/details/77320250

Other related issues: installing sketch, lxml, etc

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