Solutions for failure to start Axure RP (including failure to uninstall or install. Net framework)

Axure rp8 was well used in the last company last month. This week, when I joined another company, I will use Axure rp8 I can’t open it when I enter the interface. It’s completely on the black screen. It’s not like many people. When I enter the interface, I click any button and don’t respond (Note: This is the sign that the registration code has expired. I just need to get the registration code again. The specific scheme depends on other information. I won’t repeat it here). I can’t enter the interface at all. The small window is on the black screen, and then I stop working (because the problem has been solved) Absolutely, there is no way to post the picture of the problem here).
In general, there are several ways on the Internet:

Delete C: (users [user name] \ appdata/local/temp/axure-6 (or Axure 7.0) delete C: (users [user name] \ appdata/local/Axure add 3D support for graphics card

These are still of no help.
Here’s the point. The ultimate solution is to reload the. Net framework:
specific steps:

    Win + R run control, enter the change or delete program, find the. Net framework, click uninstall and download again. After the installation is completed, restart Axure, the problem is solved, and the mood is suddenly bright.

. net framework cannot be uninstalled or installed, 9l3ipdcq extraction code: oi97. Put the CAB file in C/windows, open powshell (administrator), and run dism/online/enable feature/all/Fe atureName:NetFx3 /Source :% windir% “/ limitaccess can install. Net framework

Note: here is only the last solution, other solutions can be found online.

It’s over.

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