Mobile phone code termux

Recommend two apps, termux and better terminal, and search directly in the app store.

The purpose of using this app is to let beginners experience learning Linux system, or let you have a portable server, intranet penetration and so on.

Below is how to turn on SSH


With termux, you can easily convert your mobile phone into Linux to practice or learn

If you feel inconvenient, you can use Google input method or hacker input method

Feel not used to external keyboard, OTG adapter can be used, about five dollars look, very convenient, you can also read and write U disk

If you think the screen is small, you can use SSH to connect your mobile phone. You can use any SSH tool on your computer to connect your mobile phone

Common shortcut keys for mobile phone to operate termux——————–

The Ctrl key is a key commonly used by end users – but most touch keyboards don’t have it. To do this, termux uses the volume down button to simulate the Ctrl key.  
for example, on the touch keyboard, press to decrease the volume button+   L sends the same input as pressing Ctrl + L on the hardware keyboard.

Ctrl+A  -& gt; Move the cursor to the beginning of the line Ctrl + C  -& gt; Abort the current process Ctrl + d  -& gt; Log off terminal session Ctrl + e  -& gt; Move the cursor to the end of the line Ctrl + k  -& gt; Delete from cursor to end of line Ctrl + L  -& gt; Clear terminal Ctrl + Z  -& gt; Suspend (send sigtstp to) the current process

The volume up key can also be used as a special key to generate a specific input

volume + e  -& gt; ESC key volume + T  -& gt; Tab volume + 1  -& gt; F1 (and volume increase + 2 → F2, etc.) volume increase + 0  -& gt; F10 volume + B  -& gt; Alt + B, use readLine to return a word volume plus + F  -& gt; Alt + F, forward a word when using readLine volume + x  -& gt; Alt + x volume + W  -& gt; Up arrow key volume + a  -& gt; Left arrow key volume + s  -& gt; Down arrow key volume + d  -& gt; Right arrow key volume + L  -& gt; | ( Pipe character) volume plus + H  -& gt; 〜( Wave character) volume plus + U  -& gt; _ ( Underline character) volume plus + P  -& gt; Previous volume plus + n  -& gt; Next page volume up +.  -& gt; CTRL + \ \ (sigquit) volume + V  -& gt; Display volume control volume plus + Q  -& gt; Show additional key view


It is recommended that beginners do not always run as root. If you want to use root, you can


After the command is switched to root


Return to the original identity

Openssh needs to be installed in termux. As we all know, Linux has two major distributions.

General Command

uname -a

You can view the kernel information of this machine. For more details, execute the following command

 cat /proc/version 

For the convenience of operation, I use SSH to connect my Android phone,

Open SSH: I’m afraid this is the most detailed one for termux to open SSH 35425070/article/details/84789078


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